Friday, July 20, 2012

Bay area museum

So I recently went to the Bay Area Museum in San Fransisco. we had to cross the golden gate bridge.

  Once we got there, we went to hula hooping (it was part of the museum) My mom didn't know that me and Mia were so good at it.  

Zoey also tried.

     Then we walked in a room and i found a fish I'm not sure what 
             its called but it was trying to get out of the tank.

      Then Mia ate an puppet octopus

   and Xander has octopus hair

Then we ate lunch and i forgot about my camera until we got in the car

This is a post by CJ thank you for reading


I'm 13. I'm so exited. Being 13 is so much fun. 

 Anyway I had a party and 9 people came. Andrew, Brandon, Anika, Micaela, Jena A., Jena W., Talia, Maxine, and Cambria.

 We played two games. First we played  "what if..."  In this gave you have to write a question  that starts with what if. It could be any thing  like what if everyone were made of candy. then you would put your questions in a bowl. then you wold mix it up.Then everyone picks a question and you would answer it. Then you put it in the bowl and you would pick it again. This time we read them off. So someone reads the question and the person next to them reads their answer. So say one says "What if my head popped off" and the answer said "Then i would laugh." The other said "What if all chocolate were really poop" and the answer was "Then i would die" So what you would say is "What if my head popped off " the answer would be "Then i would die" Then you just go around in a circle reading them like that. 

 The next game we played was chubby bunny. We just stick a bunch of marshmallows in your mouth. Andrew won he got 16 in his mouth. LOL .The marshmallows were like an inch and a half. That's pretty big. After that we watched a movie called Mission impossible: ghost protocol. Then every one left. Thank you to every one who got me something.

                                          Lots of love.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joe, Andy and All Them

Guess what! To slow. Joe,Andy,Livy,Jessie,Addie,India,Mira,and Reggie came to visit me and my family. Every one had someone to play with. Joe,Andy,Mom,and Dad hung out, Livy,Jes,and I hung out, Mia hung out with Addie and India,Xander hung out with no one,(he was busy playing Jessie's iPod)and Zoey hung out with Mira.

We went to the beach for two days strait. My dad and Joe got their chest hurt. I gave Livy a mud bath. She liked it. I gave myself a mud bath too. Jes wanted to have one to but we had to leave.

Then it was Addie's birthday.We had no idea what to do. So wile x, Mia, Zoey, and I were at swim lessons, Addie and Livy got their ear's pierced. Then we made marshmallow guns and blew some water balloons up and went to the park. When you blow the marsh mellow blow it from the place you blow it from. It is easier.

If you hate getting pelted in the face by a balloon stay away from Joe.I got pelted in the face by JOE with a water balloon. Thanks Joe!
Poor Reggie had to stay home most the time.

Well it turned out great. We are ready for more cousins. Well I am. We miss everyone and hope to see everyone soon.

-CJ Porter

Sunday, June 26, 2011

june is a great month By CJ

June is truly a good month.
I went to a Justin beiber concert. It was awesome. Hannah, my mom, me, and 2 of my friends came. My 2 friends were Micaela and Jenna. Both in 6th grade going to 7th. I thought they would not come. They did. Now Jenna is obsessed. She got mad because i lost my Justin beiber shirt. But she is not mad anymore.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

So Hannah and her family came to visit us. We went to church and then went to Newhall park. We played tag and i was it twice. Then we went to Golden Gate Park. We played on a gigantic spider web. Also we went on a slide where you have to go on cardboard.

So i went to a 12 hour class for baby-sitting. I got CPR certified and learned what to do to take care of kids. We talked about how to make a kit for baby-sitting kids. We learned mouth-to-mouth CPR and compressions.There are a lot of things i learned. KIDS STAY AWAY FROM THINGS THAT YOUR PARENTS HAVE NOT TOLD YOU ABOUT.

Also it was my birthday on the 5th. see so many great things this month.
Photobucket Peas peas write a comment. Peas and thank you.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

CAMP & The play

Hey it's CJ ,

Guess what! I got to go to a camp. Alliance redwood forest to be exact. Here my story:

It was 9:00 am on Tuesday March 9, 2010 and we had just hopped on the bus. We were on our way to Alliance Redwood a.k.a. camp. My counselor’s name is Molly Galloway. During the ride to camp, I watched “Daddy Day Camp,” fell asleep, and ate most of my lunch.

Upon arrival to camp, we put our stuff in the cabin

and ate lunch by the outside playground a.k.a. 5 swings. 3 grownup swings, and 2 baby swings. Then we went on the leap of faith. I didn’t go on it because when I’m 20 feet high I get sickish. The leap of faith is about 80 feet high. Finally, we went on the night hike. It was pitch black. No way could you see where you were going. No flashlights could be used except for the counselors. Tuesday was great because we did fun things, it was interesting because I thought we were going to be the only school there.

I awoke at 6:00 am on Wednesday morning. First I ate breakfast. Then I did cabin clean up. Then we did the indoor wall. I got half way up in 1 minute then we did the pinata. I didn’t want to go on but a counselor named Tyler made me. I didn’t go high but I had to admit I had so much fun. Wednesday’s highlights were I went to adaptation transformation. We dressed Molly up with 14 things. We each dressed her up with 2 things. I did a hanger and glasses. Her name was DP a.k.a Dorky Pine.

Thursday, my feet hit the floor at 7:00 am. I got ready for the day. Then we ate breakfast. It was waffles and crispy bacon. Next, we did the zip line. I got to go first. It was awesome. Although, I got the wind knocked out of me. Then we did forest ecology. We got to eat forest sorrel. They taste like green apples accept more sour. After that, we ate dinner. Then we did skit practice. We did something crazy. Finally, we did skits. My group did the same skit as Jake's groups. We did the ugliest person. My highlights of the day were the skits were funny. Someone did echo’s.

Fridays rise and shine time was 7:00 am. We began our day by eating breakfast. It was delicious. Next, we did Initiatives. Initiatives are all about team work. We did something were we try to find a water weenie and hit the other player. Then we did cabin clean up and packed up. Then we ate lunch which was pizza. Then we got on the soaked bus. After we got on the bus we watched sandlot, slept and I talked to Chase. Finally, we got to school and it felt like an hour before my mom picked me up.

Camp was exiting because we did fun activities like leap of faith, night hike, pinata, adaptation transformation, zip line, forest ecology, skits, and Initiatives.

Don't you just love that story. I do.
Now the play. At school I did the American revolution play. I was part of it.
A kid named Jerron and I were Bostonians. A kid I do not like named Paul was Sam Adams.
One of my friends/enemies did Rachel Revere and a boy she likes did Paul Revere. The funny thing is we are reading about the revolutionary war. I did a song that goes like this

''Down Down Down just dump it off the boat
Down Down Down lets see if it can float
Down Down Down it's sinking in the sea
somethings brewing boys and it's ain't tea
somethings brewing boys and it's ain't tea

Troubles brewing for the crown
tell them all in London town
London town
all their lovely teas gone down
send some more it's going down
send some more it's going down
send some more it's going down
send some more it's going down

Down Down Down just dump it off the boat
Down Down Down lets see if it can float
Down Down Down it's sinking in the sea
somethings brewing boys and it's ain't tea
somethings brewing boys and it's ain't tea
somethings brewing boys and it's ain't tea ''

I was representing the tea act. Oh don't forget to add a comment.bye

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nathan is Born by Brynn

On Thanksgiving morning Ellie and Jared ran in mine and Kaitlyn’s room. They asked us if we were awake. We said yah. They told us Mom had the baby! I got out of bed and I kissed Ellie! We went downstairs and saw a picture of him. They baby’s whole name is Nathan Porter Esplin. We couldn't go see him in the hospital because it is flu season and they do not allow kids in the hospital.

Friday, October 16, 2009

On 10/15/09 I went on a feldtrip. I had to wake up at 7:00 because I had to get to school at 8:00 because the bus leaves at 8:00. It took 1 hour & 1/2 to get there.We got there at 9:30.

When we got there we immediately saw 20 banana slug. So then we saw 10 Newts.We saw Pumpkin spiders, Back swimmers, and Dragonfly's. We went up a big huge hill. We also went fishing .

pumkin spider Pictures, Images and Photos