Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm 13. I'm so exited. Being 13 is so much fun. 

 Anyway I had a party and 9 people came. Andrew, Brandon, Anika, Micaela, Jena A., Jena W., Talia, Maxine, and Cambria.

 We played two games. First we played  "what if..."  In this gave you have to write a question  that starts with what if. It could be any thing  like what if everyone were made of candy. then you would put your questions in a bowl. then you wold mix it up.Then everyone picks a question and you would answer it. Then you put it in the bowl and you would pick it again. This time we read them off. So someone reads the question and the person next to them reads their answer. So say one says "What if my head popped off" and the answer said "Then i would laugh." The other said "What if all chocolate were really poop" and the answer was "Then i would die" So what you would say is "What if my head popped off " the answer would be "Then i would die" Then you just go around in a circle reading them like that. 

 The next game we played was chubby bunny. We just stick a bunch of marshmallows in your mouth. Andrew won he got 16 in his mouth. LOL .The marshmallows were like an inch and a half. That's pretty big. After that we watched a movie called Mission impossible: ghost protocol. Then every one left. Thank you to every one who got me something.

                                          Lots of love.

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