Sunday, July 24, 2011

Joe, Andy and All Them

Guess what! To slow. Joe,Andy,Livy,Jessie,Addie,India,Mira,and Reggie came to visit me and my family. Every one had someone to play with. Joe,Andy,Mom,and Dad hung out, Livy,Jes,and I hung out, Mia hung out with Addie and India,Xander hung out with no one,(he was busy playing Jessie's iPod)and Zoey hung out with Mira.

We went to the beach for two days strait. My dad and Joe got their chest hurt. I gave Livy a mud bath. She liked it. I gave myself a mud bath too. Jes wanted to have one to but we had to leave.

Then it was Addie's birthday.We had no idea what to do. So wile x, Mia, Zoey, and I were at swim lessons, Addie and Livy got their ear's pierced. Then we made marshmallow guns and blew some water balloons up and went to the park. When you blow the marsh mellow blow it from the place you blow it from. It is easier.

If you hate getting pelted in the face by a balloon stay away from Joe.I got pelted in the face by JOE with a water balloon. Thanks Joe!
Poor Reggie had to stay home most the time.

Well it turned out great. We are ready for more cousins. Well I am. We miss everyone and hope to see everyone soon.

-CJ Porter


  1. I love seeing all the pictures!! You guys are so much fun to visit!! I'll pelt Joe in the face with a water balloon for you:) we love you and miss you!

  2. You are a great Blogger CJ. It looks like everybody had fun. Miss You.

  3. that looks like sooooooooo much fun! Wish i could have been there! Could job keeping this updated CJ!
    Love ya!

  4. We had such a good time coming to see you! And we LOVED seeing you again over Christmas break! Sorry again about Joe pelting you in the face. You should have hit him in the face with the soccer ball and yelled,"YOU KNOW WHY!". Maybe next time:) Love you!!